A Thousand Thanks

Late last night some nice person bought the 1000th copy of my book. Wow!1000thankyous

I’d like to thank each and every one of my readers. When I started this book I did it to give back to the field of performance analysis. I’d hoped to sell 500 copies. Why 500? Since I can’t find everyone who might need to read this book, I decided to be happy with 500 as that is the number of students I’d have in an average teaching year when I was teaching the performance course at Stratus. Apparently I aimed too low.

The best part of this experience has been hearing from my readers. Their personal messages to me, comments on this blog, and recommendations of my book have been a joy to read. Yes, even the comment that kindly pointed out my typo in chapter eight where I wrote “pubic speaking” when I meant “public speaking.”


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