Judge Not

When you present your performance results, you are not a superhero striking down evil. You are not there to make yourself look big by making others feel small. You are not there to judge.

nosuper noyellnojudge

You are a member of the team, dispassionately presenting well-checked information and potential solutions for problems. Stick to the facts, and leave the judgments to others.

I have seen presentations where the speaker delivered the bad news in a mocking and sometimes directly insulting way that hurt group cohesion and deeply offended people in front of their peers. That approach did not aid in answering the question, but it did unleash a wave of back-stabbing and other bad behavior. Every time I have seen someone be intentionally cruel or hurtful to a co-worker, it has not worked out well for them, especially in the long run.

Care Deeply

The single biggest “trick” I use in every talk I’ve every given is to care about the people in the audience. This is not a trivial closing thought. This is a core truth. You can tell when someone cares about you, and you can tell when they don’t. You naturally give more attention and show more compassion to people who care about you.


When you construct the presentation and in the time just before you start to give it, let yourself focus on deeply caring about the audience. Care about their needs and concerns. Care about the fact that they have been sitting in meetings for two hours before you started. Care about them as people and co-workers. Caring connects you to them in a powerful and positive way. If you honestly care, they can’t help but listen.

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