Fast Frozen Fun

As some of you may know I’m retired from performance work and my only “job” is working one day a week as a tour guide at Ben & Jerry’s.  I love ice cream and I love hands-on experimenting and lately I’ve been experimenting with instant fruit ice cream and it’s great. Here is the recipe.

Put 10 -12 ounces (280 – 340grams) of hard frozen fruit in a food processor. I’ve tried strawberries, blueberries, mangos, and peaches and they all taste great. Add to that 1/2 cup (100grams) of sugar. Now run it until the fruit begins to break down into small bits and then add about 1 cup (250ml) of half-n-half. What you end up with is soft-serve ice cream that you should plan to eat immediately.  Total time: less than 2 minutes.yum

Some notes from my experiments:

  • If you want a stiffer product, pre-freeze the work bowl and blade of the food processor as well as the sugar.
  • Try dropping a chocolate bar into the food processor as it is spinning. Strawberry and chocolate go so well together.
  • Try adding a few drops of vanilla, almond, or cherry extract. Yum!
  • Heavy cream did not work for me, as the food processor acts like a churn and the ice cream had a distinctive greasy mouth feel that food scientists refer to as “buttering”.


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