Less Is More When Presenting Performance Results

Some questions have too many answers. I’ve watched quite a few meetings spin out of control when the group started open discussion, and participants became confused as they sorted through the myriad of possible choices, while adding new ones on the fly.

Tres manzanas frescas.There is an interesting book called The Paradox of Choice by Schwartz that points out that the typical human response to too many choices is to make no choice at all.

If you offer people three types of food to sample more people will choose to buy something, than if you offer them 30 types of food.

More choices often cause people to believe that it is unlikely that they will pick the right, or best, choice.

When presenting ideas on how to fix the problem, I like to offer people two choices that are clearly named and differentiated. If other ideas pop up over the course of the meeting, that is fine, but I keep them clearly labeled and make sure they are never comparing more than three solutions at any one time.

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