The Truth That Is Hard To Swallow

There will be times when the meters and your expert analysis show that bad things are in the future. The company is looking at big changes, or spending massive amounts of money, or enduring very disruptive fixes. bad news

I have seen decision makers on multiple occasions, when presented with unrelenting bad news, simply reduce the scaling factor or lower the desired goals so that the problem simply evaporates. The essential nature of business is risk-and-reward. Sometimes a business will just have to hope that next year will be better, but sometimes what you are watching is a very human reaction to staggeringly bad news.

When people are presented with bad news, that contains no possibility of escape, a significant fraction of them will go into denial regardless of the evidence. The key to greater acceptance of your message is to present the bad news with a possible solution, or at least a way of improving the situation.

The XYZ server will run out of CPU at peak, but
we can mitigate some of that that by…


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